The Bronze Age settlement on the Kephali at Sissi

Since 2007, a teamof the Belgian School at Athens has been excavating the coastal site of Sissi (koinotita Vrachasiou), a hill settlement naturally defended by steep slopes and river valleys, located about 4 kmeast of the palace site ofMalia. Strategically located near the sea but also close to important land routes,

Sissi beaches

Sissi (or Sisi) is a peaceful traditional village with narrow streets and beautiful taverns. Its trademark is the harbor with the clean and calm waters.  The coastline around Sissi is mainly rocky, except a few small beaches. 

The monastery of St. George Selinari

Inside the gorge you'll meet the Monastery of St. George Selinaris, which was built during the Byzantine period 

Selinari Gorge

The Gorge Selinari is located about 45km east of Heraklion and 21km west of Agios Nikolaos, on the eastern slopes of Selena Mount. It is well known to all Cretans, because the National Road from Heraklion to Agios Nikolaos runs along the gorge. Moreover, the canyon has historically been the natural passage from the region of Lassithi to Heraklion fertile north coasts.

Epano Sisi

Epano Sisi or "upper Sisi" is a traditional Cretan village a couple of kilometers east of Malia. You can reach it when you take the exit from the main road to Milatos and Sisi. 


The village of Sissi, Crete

Sissi is located 40 km from Iraklion and 25 km from Agios Nikolaos, near to all the places you should see but yet quiet and calm. 
The landscape is well balanced between sea and mountains. The sea is warm and calm and there are small, clean and romantic beaches. 


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